my moonlight ♥

dance me to the moon

and fly me to the glorious sky

feel me in your arms and on your chest

grab my hands and never let them go

for i cannot let go of this.

take my hands and lead me to the dance floor

the moonlight drown us in her silvery light

feel me as i embrace your wrecked heart

feel me hold it in gently and keep it safe

for i will never want to break it

so take this heart i offer you,

and keep it from anything that may tear it apart

under the arches of moonlight and sky,

as the time slows down and stop,

as God is my witness,

i give, this fragile heart, for you to keep.

thou art my moonlight

though there may be some stars that shines very pretty in my night sky,

but your light, is the one that guide me through the night

still, a night won’t be complete without your silvery light

dance me to the moon, for you are my moonlight

fly me to the glorious sky, for you are the air i’m breathing.


#corat coret di jam ujian sosiologi 😀


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