dear Lord, please listen to this

i’ll walk away, because i hate this gravity around you. that keeps making me falling for you and falling down even harder and crush me into pieces everytime we talk.

i’ll step back, because whatever they say about signals, chances, and you, i know better than them.

i’ll move away, because however they talk about fighting, believing, and chasing, it’s my heart thats on the stake.

i’ll slip away, because i can’t stand another rejection, another ignorance and another heartache. it’s been years, and i can’t bear it no more. i’ve been standing still for a long time, now i’ll be moving on.

so dear Lord, please, give me the strength to defend my heart, myself. i beg you.

with love,



and i miss them…

between all this frustrating and hectic days, the only thing that can cheers me up is to see my bestfriends and laugh with them. so well yea, lately my days is sooooooo tiring,  stressing out by this mid semester exam, by my non supportive family.

and thinking about my bestfriends, reminiscing the times i’ve had with them, i feel happy, again. and it’s enough. oh how much i want to see them. that would be like a glimpse of happiness in these frustrating days.

so please, God, can i please get another shooting star?

allegory, metaphor.

“it’s like i’m on the tenth floor, and i slipped and fall from the window, the only thing that is keeping me from hitting the ground is that i’m hanging on to a plastic dildo. it’s gross, embarrassing, and slippery. it’s not easy to hang on to a plastic dildo. but i still hanging on, because if i don’t, i know i’ll fall from the tenth floor.”