hello there, hope this can lessen your burden :)

hello there petite amie 🙂

i know it’s been a hell of week for you. the path you are walking right now are not easy. the sky isn’t as blue as it used to be, the wind’s blowing so hard and almost make you fall. i know life’s been hard for you nowadays. it keeps giving burden in your shoulder and in your head. i know little girl, i know.

but what makes you special, petite amie?

because you don’t fall, not even for a second. life’s been a bitch for you but you stand your ground. you held your head high and face it all. yes, there are times when you burst out in tears. but you’re still the toughest little girl i know. you didn’t drown in grieve and mourn, but instead you’re trying to figure out what to do with all this situation. you’re trying to make everything better. and you don’t let grievance and sadness take over you. and you don’t let life messing you up.

you know, mon petite amie?

i’m so so sooooo proud of you. and i am always around. if you need someone to hold on to, if you need anything. i’m trying to help you as much as i can. you know i will always hold you, wipe your tears away, and hold your hands. all this time, you’ve always been around when i’m in need, you’ve always cheered me up and hold me when i’m about to fall. and i guess now it’s my turn, to always be there for you. you are my best best best friend, cutie pie. and i love you. don’t you ever ever ever ever ever ever ever feel alone. you always got us and your family.

i love you, petite amie. stay tough 🙂