A Tale of Change

one thing i realize after this whole thing, is the fickleness of life.

We are trained to believe that something in this world is certain, secure. like the way our parents put us through school where we learned that going to school is a certainty. it happens, it always happened. the waking up, the getting ready for school, the classes, the 7 am ceremony, the going home. we are trained to go through it over and over that we think there are something bigger in life than our choices as a human. That society and their rules are something bigger than human. And when we follow the society, we are in a secure way to survive this horrid life. sure, they made us dream of a grandiose life as well. but we kind of trained to believe that it was just a dream as well. only some few can make it happen.

but after i graduate from school and put myself in this roller coaster of entrepreneurial life, i realize that life is fickle. it’s never certain. it changes so much in just a flip second. life will only happen as how you create it. destiny does not play many part. Because life will only move if you move your ass as well.and how you move, can change everything. nothing is eternal. it feels so real now. and what you have right now can and will change over the course of time.

i mean, i always know theoretically that nothing in life is certain, that life will always change. but i never thought that it is this fickle, this fragile. things can be born and perish so easily, so fast. this realization hits me hard. because i have been surrounded by the security my family and school created all my life.

even you are changing. your body cells die and regenerate every second, and created a whole different body over time. the 5 year ago you have an entirely different cells than the right now you. your worldview, paradigm, character, habits, are changing too. though some people believe that people’s  characters can’t really change, but i have seen it with my own eyes how a man can change his character in just a night. it’s just a matter of understanding and choosing your action. i know for a fact as well that for some people, changing characters are something we have to do slowly. but really, if you believe you can change whatever it is you want to change, it will.

so then, if life is actually this fickle, why are we so afraid of changes? Why can’t we just embrace the fact that life is just like a flowing rivers? it change it’s shape and course and currents every time, following the circumstances around it. when we embrace the fickleness of life, we will realize that we are the one creating the circumstances that alter the flowing river. and life can’t really disappoint us anymore. change is inevitable.

humans are the only one in charge of his own life.

destiny is what we believe to be.


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